What to Look for in Commercial Weed Eaters

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One of the main options you have is a residential or commercial unit. Both of them have pros and cons so it’s important to consider which one is a better option for your particular needs. Here are some key issues to look for:

  1. Handlebar

As with residential weed whackers, it’s important to consider the general ergonomics of the handlebar when you operate the unit. It should feel comfortable whenever you use the unit. This will make your operation of the unit more efficient and boost how much work you can get in when using the machine.


There are other features you could look for. They include an adjustable handlebar and other features. What’s most important is that these features will make it easier and more convenient to operate the power tool. That, in turn, will improve your overall experience when using the unit. That’s important because the comfier you are the more work was done you can get done.


  1. Starter

Like a lawn mower, there are various ways to start up a commercial weed eater. The most convenient one is a “smart” starter that just requires you to push a button. This is a lot easier than other units that have a pull cord. Keep in mind that the mechanism used can affect the price of the unit, so if you want to start up the unit with the push of a button you should expect to spend some more money.


  1. Vibration

This is mostly an issue of convenience. If you want to be comfier while operating the string trimmer then look for a commercial unit that includes low vibration. Keep in mind the reduction in vibration is relative since there’s always going to be a certain amount of vibration.

ON the other hand, if you don’t want to deal with the unit always shaking when you use it then you should look for a commercial unit that has a low vibration. It will improve the overall experience when operating the tool.


  1. Motor

Commercial weed eaters tend to be gas models since they provide more power than electric units. The most common types are 2 cycle and 4 cycle units. 2 cycle units require you to add a ratio of gas/oil, while 4 cycle units have two different compartments for adding oil and water. This affects the operation of the tool. Two-cycle models provide more power for the engine’s size but it could be a hassle for you to add the right mixture to the unit. So it’s important to weigh the different pros and cons of both types of gas engines.


  1. Durability

By definition, a commercial weed whacker will generally be more durable than a residential version. However, this issue is relative. If you spend more you can get a weed eater that’s more durable than average. That’s definitely a plus if you want to delay how soon you’ll need to replace the unit.





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